About me

I am Petra but my friends call me Petrusa – this is why the name Petrusa.art.

The love for animals and passion for drawing have merged, opening the doors to the world of professional animal portrait drawing. Since early childhood, I’ve spent every free moment around racehorses, and when not in the saddle, I’d be sketching horses. And dogs. And cats, cars… I no longer focus on cars, but I’m delighted to draw any furry friend for you.

I use only high-quality lightfast colour pencils, ensuring your pet’s portrait will bring joy for many years. I specialize in highly detailed, realistic animal drawings based on photographs. However, animal portraits convey more than just physical likeness – they reflect the soul, the character, which I strive to capture and transfer onto paper. Each portrait is not only an artistic creation but also a personal story. With every stroke of the pastel I aim to capture not only the appearance but also the unique personality of your pet, their expression, revealing a myriad of emotions – joy, love, loyalty, or even sadness.

I’m grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to immortalize many beloved animal companions over the years. Sadly, some have passed away but I hope that through my artworks they continue to reside in the happy memories of their owners. A portrait can be a unique personal gift for a loved one which, I believe, brings immense joy. It’s a way to share the love for animals and drawing with others, bringing a little piece of the magic they represent into their lives. And when I see the joy of owners who have my portraits I know my work has a purpose.

If you’re interested in a pet portrait, feel free to contact me via the form here on the website, email, or through social media. For examples of my work, check out the gallery, my Facebook, and Instagram.